Working Capital That Works for You

Every business, large or small, needs a certain amount of working capital on hand. If your company is a start-up, has cash-flow or credit problems, or is in bankruptcy, Keystone Commercial Finance can help your business get the money it needs with accounts receivable financing. Do you have customers who pay their invoices in 90 days or more? If so, financing receivables is a great option for increasing your cash flow.

How It Works

With accounts receivable financing, we give you a loan against the future payments of your customers. Since we use your customers’ credit rating and not your company’s, it’s fine if your business is experiencing some financial difficulties. Other advantages of financing your receivables with Keystone Commercial Finance; include:

  • Get your cash in 24 hours
  • No arbitrary loan board decisions
  • No fixed payments or personal guarantees
  • Financing for any business
  • Free credit insurance on your customers and clients

Use the funds to complete larger orders, make payroll, expand the business, add inventory, or pay for operating expenses. You can move ahead confidently knowing that you haven’t added more debt, you’ve sold an asset.

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