Get Real Estate Funding With a Stated Income Loan

Are you searching for funding to help pay for your commercial real estate project? Have you been turned down elsewhere or do you need to move faster than banks will allow? A stated income loan from Keystone Commercial Finance may be the solution for you. You can use the money for real estate purchases, renovations, refinancing, debt consolidation or many other purposes.

What Is a Stated Income Loan?

A stated income commercial real estate loan is a little different from a conventional mortgage. Rather than focusing on your ability to repay the loan, the decision is made primarily based on the value of the property. If the property in question can pay for the mortgage, taxes and insurance of the stated income loan, you are likely to be approved.

The added benefit of focusing on the property is that these loans turnaround quickly. If you have a time-sensitive opportunity that you need capital for, this may be the right option for you. The application process is much simpler and requires less complex paperwork.

We can work with restaurants, warehouses, offices, apartment buildings and many other types of properties. Provided that the real estate in question meets the criteria of the loan, there is a high chance you will be approved.

What Are the Details?

Stated income commercial real estate loans are a unique way for businesses to borrow for their properties. These are some of the basics of the loans:

  • Qualifying credit scores of 600 or above
  • Only basic financial statements needed
  • Funds available for many uses
  • Almost any property type can qualify
  • Large loan-to-value ratios, especially for multiunit residential buildings
  • Generous loan amounts available for qualified properties

Get Started

Contact Keystone Commercial Finance today to learn more about stated income commercial real estate loans. We will help you understand if you and your property will qualify for a loan during a free consultation.