The success of a company can live or die with their consumer etiquette. This practice can be crucial for even the most established businesses impacting sales, customer satisfaction, and overall culture. Consider these ten practices to ensure that your business always delivers excellent customer service.

1.     Active Listening

It can be all too easy to listen to a conversation, but not fully be engaged. You must have both a silent mind and silent mouth to properly notice body language, listen to the tone and truly hear someone.

2.     The Consumer’s Needs

Successful businesses are often able to predict the consumer’s needs. By listening to and then understanding your customers, you’ll be able to best adjust and create tailored services and products.

3.     Express Appreciation

Showing that you value and respect your consumer base as individuals can establishing positive feelings between you and your consumer providing them with a sense of loyalty and desire to return.

4.     Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication can be immensely influential, being as so much of how we communicate is done with our body language, tone of voice, expression and eye contact. If nonverbal and verbal communication does not align, your customer will notice.

5.     Systems

The systems that customers interact with must be navigable and approachable, and if they get frustrated by your process, they will likely take their business elsewhere.

6.     Agreeing

Finding ways around saying “no” and considering ways to say, “yes” can be integral to your success, as your consumers will likely notice your desire to assist and not just deny their request from the start.

7.     Humility and Apologies

Mistakes happen, but make sure you have the humility to address things when they go wrong. Customers appreciate companies that take the time to address their concerns and truly hear them, offering an apology when appropriate.

8.     Going The Extra Mile

By showing your commitment to excellence through your services, you can make your company stand out as the one that will go the extra mile for their consumers.

9.     Feedback

Soliciting regular feedback can be helpful and provide your client with the notion that you truly care about their experience. By reviewing progress and satisfaction, you’ll have steps to improve and build rapport.

10. Employee Appreciation

Employees are an essential component of the professional machine and need to know that they are appreciated. Your staff is more likely to create a positive experience for customers if they themselves have a positive experience.

Customer service is an integral asset for any company and something that can spawn success or suck away joy. Considering ways to shift your culture to embrace professional service can result in an improved experience for all parties, so evaluate ways that you can do so today.