Whatever happens to be on your to-do list or in your lineup of career goals, it’s hard to accomplish anything if you don’t have the right motivation. When you struggle to stay motivated, it’s tough to get yourself to make significant progress, go above and beyond on work tasks or sometimes even meet the basic requirements. In order to accomplish all of your goals, it’s essential to dig deep and find what drives you. When you don’t know where to muster up enough fuel to pursue your ambitions, try some of these tips for getting self-motivated in a pinch.

Look on the Bright Side, But Stay Realistic

It’s a natural tendency to over-examine your own work and to fall into negativity about it, but if you want to feel motivated enough to keep going, try framing things in a more positive light. Consider what you’ve already accomplished, and use it as rocket fuel to go after the goals you have yet to check off. However, it’s also important to be aware of your limitations and not push yourself to the breaking point.

Maintain Order in Your Routine To Avoid Procrastination

Without a set daily routine, it can be tough to stay on top of tasks, causing procrastination and delay in your accomplishments. Be sure to get into a regular routine that can help regiment your day and help you better manage your hours.

Be Super Specific With Your Long-Term Goals

A final tip is to review your long-term goals and see if they can be tweaked to make them more attainable. This does not mean water them down so they’ll feel closer, but rather taking a second look to make them more specific. When your goals are vague, you’ll never know for sure if you’re getting close to accomplishing them. On the other hand, super-specific, smaller-sized goals feel more attainable and can push you to actually pursue them.

Staying motivated can prove difficult even for the most self-starting go-getters, regardless of your job title or line of work. However, adequate motivation and a reason for doing what you do is the key to getting everything on your to-do list checked off and making substantial progress toward your longer-term goals. When getting motivated to put in the effort seems difficult, try out some of these ideas to pump yourself up and remind yourself of your reasons for pursuing your dreams. With the right motivation, you’re sure to accomplish all that you hope to, at work and outside of it.